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Hisense Co., Ltd. (Chinese海信集团pinyinhǎi xìn jí tuán) is a Chinese multinational white goods and electronics manufacturer headquartered in QingdaoShandong province, China. It is a state-owned enterprise[Bell 1] with publicly traded subsidiaries.[1]

Hisense has two publicly traded companies, Hisense Electric Co Ltd, which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange[1] (SSE600060) and Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings Co Ltd, which is listed on the Shenzhen[2] (SZSE000921) and Hong Kong[3](SEHK921) stock exchanges and a number of other subsidiaries.

Hisense has 13 manufacturing facilities in China (located in the provinces/cities of: GuangdongGuizhouHuzhouJiangsuLiaoningLinyiShandongSichuanYangzhouYingkouXinjiangZibo and the municipality of Beijing) and several outside of China, namely in Hungary, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, France and Mexico.[4]

Hisense retails products under several brand names. These include Combine, Kelon and Ronshen,[5] etc. Hisense is also an OEM, so some of the products it makes are sold to other manufacturers and carry a brand name not related to Hisense.[Bell 2] In 2015 it acquired the right to sell televisions in the Americas using the brand name of the Japanese firm Sharp.[6] It also makes televisions under its own name as of 2013

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